38 Svg Not Showing Firefox

38 Svg Not Showing Firefox
29 Svg Not Showing Firefox

Svg Not Showing Firefox. This included their logo which is a bit of an issue. I had been using the svg support plugin to add svgs to the site and there was an unresolved post about the same issue from a few months ago.

Svg Logo Not Showing In Firefox SEVOG
Svg Logo Not Showing In Firefox SEVOG

In firefox 46.0b9 & chrome 50.0.2661.86 the issue is more like the o.p. I'm using the script in an angular app on version 6.1.4. Can't see svg images in firefox.

Svg Rect Not Showing Up In Firefox But Works On Chrome I Am Drawing A Simple Two Rectangle Svg As Follows:

Show activity on this post. I am using a svg as a background image in css on a main container div called “page” and the image is not showing in chrome for mac or windows 7 and 10. Windows 10 steps to reproduce expected behavior expect vuetify to get the correct size of the svg file and set it as the background actual behavior svg.

I'm Using The Script In An Angular App On Version 6.1.4.

I had a related (perhaps a variant of the same) issue just now in firefox, missing some of the svg icons on one specific domain. If you want to see the knight, make the width and height 45 to match the underlying knight.svg dimensions. Am i wrong in expecting firefox to treat a svg file like an image?</p>

I've Posted Some Images In My Answer:

The images are only visible from google chrome, but invisible from firefox. Only shapes that are filled with gradients using fragment identifiers & filters using similar fragment identifiers are not displaying. Nothing appear's on the console and the svg file is loading correctly.

This Bug Has Been Confirmed By Another User In My Office.

Svg shapes with solid fills do display. Svg icons in lineage viewer not showing up in firefox ( #241. Here is an example svg page that does not work in firefox.

In Firefox 46.0B9 & Chrome 50.0.2661.86 The Issue Is More Like The O.p.

In internet explorer 7 and firefox 3.0.5 this attribute is not necessary, but it doesn't hurt to include it. Strangely, it shows the svg images if the image url is put in the address bar. Can't see svg images in firefox.

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