26 Iphone 8 Moon Next To Text

26 Iphone 8 Moon Next To Text
47 Iphone 8 Moon Next To Text

Iphone 8 Moon Next To Text. The iphone se may be about to get a. So you will not receive any alerts about new messages from that contact in particular, but you will still receive the texts (some think that their messages will be deleted, which is not in.

Moon Next To Text On Iphone 6 Phone & Iphone
Moon Next To Text On Iphone 6 Phone & Iphone

Swipe left of the message with the moon. 11 why is there a half moon on my iphone next to a contact? 12 how do i unmute a text conversation?

It's My Understanding That You Have A Crescent Moon Next To One Of Your Text Messages That You're Unable To Get Rid Of.

8 when you put someone on do not disturb do you still get their messages? The crescent moon icon next to a text message thread means that you have enabled do not disturb for that particular conversation. Think of it like do not disturb but on a case by case basis.

The Moon Symbol Will Typically Appear Right Next To A Conversation Thread In The List View.

Then, tap the half moon icon to turn off the “do not disturb” mode.the little box will turn white when “dnd” mode is turned on. I first noticed it by accident when a tiny crescent moon icon appeared next to one of my im threads and so i googled it to figure out what exactly it was. Check out the products mentioned in this article:

If You See It Next To A Particular Text Message Conversation, It Means You've Turned Off Alerts For That Specific Conversation.

7 what does the moon icon mean on iphone? Open control center on your iphone or ipod touch, or on your ipad. What does it mean when a light gray crescent moon next to someone's name in text?

What Does The Moon Mean Next To A Message On Iphone?

Swipe left of the message with the moon. Why is there a moon next to a text on an iphone? This icon means that your iphone's do.

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4 how do i get rid of the moon next to someones name? You probably have this checked on for a scheduled period of time. 3 why do i have a moon next to my text message?

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